Bonnyville Homes For Sale

Where Old Meets New and Everyone Knows Your Name

Remember what Pleasantville feels like? That’s this neighborhood in a nut shell. It’s the type where the wide, tree-lined streets encourage you to jump on your bike, in any season. Where everyone has a dog, you play tennis just down the street at Bonforte Park, and run into families soaking up the Pikes Peak Views over frisbee, picnics, and soccer games. It’s the fairytale kind of neighborhood, where all around are small, mid-century ranch style homes and each lawn is simply, but  meticulously manicured. Everything you need can fit in your bike basket when you hit the Bon Shopping Center, which has a very retro feel to it. But really, all you’re after is a beer on the Stir patio anyway! If you can enjoy the sunshine throughout the year in any of these ways, we’re already welcoming you to the neighborhood!

Everything At Your Fingertips

Groceries, coffee, playing!

I live here, and I love it here. I’ve explored, studied, sold, and fell in love with multiple areas of town, but this is where I choose to call home. One of the reasons is because we now live in a culture where people are seeking community again, where everyone wants to stay local, walk to get groceries or work remotely from the coffee shop down the street. Bonnyville has all of this and more. You can stop by your local Credit Union, pick up some dog treats and toys, and hit the Gym, all in one swoop! If you don’t love local, you won’t love it here!