Patty Jewett

Patty Jewett Homes For Sale

A Picture Perfect Neighborhood!

Patty Jewett has charm. The kind where everyone waves to each other, passing by as you’re watering your perfectly manicured lawn. Bike commuters zip past you with their work duffel and you’ll find dozens of people dog-walking throughout the day. The trees are extremely mature, casting beautiful shadows over the extra wide streets. Homes are so eclectic, ranging in age from the turn of the century to brand new builds. You can bike, skip, or walk to the golf course, coffee shop, or downtown Colorado Springs! What more could you ask for?

Live next to your favorite golf course!

Try your swing at The Patty Jewett Golf Course!

Like this video mentions, The Patty Jewett Golf Course is one of the oldest golf courses in the country, and was deeded over to Colorado Springs in 1919 in honor of his wife. It’s an eclectic mix of people who are all there to enjoy golfing with an incredible view of Pikes Peak. Whether you’re on the course or enjoying cocktails on the patio, you’ll always feel like a part of a family at this local favorite! Forget the stuffy country club feeling… it’s family!


One of the most sought after festivals in town, right in our neighborhood!

Imagine a gigantic block party where all your neighbors unite in the streets to listen to live music from local artists, using three different porches as their stage! That’s the essence of Porchfest. The streets are closed down, people of all ages are dancing, and food trucks are at every stop! There are children’s games, bicycle gangs, and plenty of music- all for free! It’s the best way to celebrate the neighborhood, together.